Used and Refurbished Defibrillators for Sale

AME is one of the leading sources of refurbished and used defibrillators. Proudly conducting business with Ambulance Corps., hospitals, private practices, universities and other facilities, our team at AME strive to exhibit outstanding customer service and care. 

Defibrillators are complex systems that feature a wide variety of options: Whether it be a 3 lead, 9 Lead, or 12 Lead EKGs, or features such as biphasic, SP02, Bluetooth, or ETC02, AME supplies system that are fully loaded, basic packages, and everything in between. 

AME’s in-house technicians make sure that your defibrillator is in perfect working condition before it is shipped out, and all of our systems are Bio-Med certified. 

No matter whether you’re a domestic customer, or a global one, AME is excited to assist you in any way we can. Standard 90 day warranties are available for free within the Continental United States, while international warranties are 60 days. Extended warranties are also available for purchase. For any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!