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In the critical moments of a patient's cardiac event, count on fast, accurate, complete ECG information from the MACTM 5500 HD Resting ECG System.

Advanced Electrocardiography

Built on GE innovation in ECG acquisition and analysis, the MAC 5500 HD Resting ECG System is a premier ECG system, delivering advanced disease management capabilities through one of the industry-leading collections of algorithms and advanced networking.

The MAC 5500 HD represents a new definition of ECG speed and accuracy, and offers:

  • Better triaging tools for Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) detection
  • Configurable Crtical Values to help speed time to treatment
  • More accurate pacemaker detection for advanced interpretation of paced rhythms
  • Enhanced barcode workflow, with orders and ADT download capability, work together to help improve efficiency across the enterprise
  • Connected ECG Workflow to help save time and avoid costly misdiagnoses

The MAC 5500 HD also meets the need for productivity across the enterprise, by empowering a wide range of users to precisely capture, analyze, and communicate ECG data. All to ensure the right data goes with the right patient to help reduce demographic and billing errors, and speed time to treatment.

Sophisticated tools. Easy to use. The MAC 5500 HD enables clinicians to focus on what's most important: their patients.


The MAC 5500 HD is designed to provide accurate information in the moment it’s needed, so clinicians’ can deliver quality care to their patients. 

Quality Care

  • Decision support tools to help meet clinical guidelines
  • Validated ECG analysis
  • Risk stratification tools

Workflow Enhancement

  • Data integration through connectivity
  • Clinical information management
  • Streamlined process and error reduction


  • On-site applications training
  • Self-paced computer-based training
  • Workflow engagement consulting


The MAC 5500 HD lets you harness the power of the GE Healthcare MUSETM v8-one of the industry's leading cardiology management systems-for streamlined workflow and greater functionality.

Enhanced bar code workflow with orders and ADT download capability work together to help improve efficiency across the enterprise. It's a system designed to help avoid costly misdiagnoses, automate processes for clinicians, and streamline workflow supporting improved quality of care and reduced cost for the hospital.

Click graphic below to see the MAC 5500 HD and MUSE systems working together to improve ECG workflow.
MAC 5500 HD Post MobileLink

Wireless. Secure.

MobileLinkTM wireless ECG communication can simplify ECG workflow by helping to prevent mistakes and reduce costs through:

  • Seamless integration with the Hospital Information System (HIS) for consistent charge capture
  • Rapid and efficient transfer of ECG and demographic information
  • Elimination of patient data re-entry
  • Accessibility of ECGs for review and reporting virtually anytime, anywhere

ECG Analysis

GE MarquetteTM ECG Analysis Programs are a preferred choice in a variety of care settings and industries, including hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and clinical research organizations (CROs).  

  • MarquetteTM 12SLTM ECG Analysis Program for adults and pediatrics is one of the industry’s most thoroughly documented, simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition analysis programs
  • Hookup AdvisorTM signal quality Analysis Program makes our world-renowned ECG analysis program even better. This software reviews and measures ECG waveforms for signs of artifact and interference, advising clinicians of poor waveform quality during ECG recordings
  • 12SL with Gender-Specific Interpretation features criteria that help you more easily detect acute myocardial infarction (MI) in female patients, enhancing diagnostic confidence
  • QT Analysis helps clinicians accurately detect and measure the QT segment, helping to reduce their patients’ risk of sudden cardiac death
  • Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) Analysis option assists the physician in the ECG assessment of a patient suspected of having ACS and provides additional diagnostic statements, which identify specific lead sets where signs of ACS may be present
  • The Critical Values feature enables onscreen and printed notification of critical ECG results to enable easy identification and accelerated reporting of critical values
  • 12SL with ACI-TIPI (Acute Cardiac Ischemia Time-Insensitive Predictive Instrument) considers a patient’s age, gender, and chief complaint, as well as ECG measurements, to generate a numerical score that helps predict the probability of acute cardiac ischemia
  • Simultaneous 15-lead acquisition, storage, and assessment provides additional ST measurements for the detection of changes that occur in some non-diagnostic 12-lead cases to facilitate the prompt detection of right ventricular and posterior MI
  • P-Wave Signal Averaging option for atrial arrhythmia assessment features a patented templating algorithm that enhances P-wave measurement accuracy
  • Hi-Res Late Potential Analysis option supports ventricular arrhythmia assessment, with an intuitive design that creates a practical, non-invasive alternative to involved invasive testing
  • High Definition Pacemaker-Detection Software improves the ability to accurately detect the presence of pacemaker spikes along with adding the capability to detect and report the underlying rhythm
  • Serial ECG Program, through the MUSE Cardiology Information System, leverages the Marquette 12SL ECG Analysis Program and analyze both short and long-term changes in patients’ ECGs

Services Support

We stand behind you. So you can stay in the lead.

The MAC 5500 HD system brings you improved functionality and clinical workflow while maintaining the familiar look and ease of use you expect from a GE Healthcare ECG system. And our training programs ensure that you get the most from your ECG equipment investment while supporting the ongoing education of your clinicians.

GE Healthcare offers a variety of ways to support your initial and ongoing training needs:

  • Train your way, at your own pace with self-paced computer-based training or on-site training at your facility
  • Consistent staff knowledge is fostered by providing the same high-quality training to all staff members
  • CEU credits awarded through GE’s computer-based training help support the professional development of physicians and clinicians (U.S. only)
  • Services - GE Healthcare is dedicated to partnering with you to address your healthcare system growth, quality, and operational excellence.  We have the services to help you meet your business objectives

EMRHIS Connectivity

GE Healthcare Diagnostic Cardiology products and systems enable you to access the data you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Our ECG management solutions - MUSETM Cardiology Information Systems, CS Diagnostic System, and EMR Gateway, and - are compliant with open database connectivity (ODBC) and provide seamless connectivity to your facility's HIS and EMR. With them, you gain the advantages of enhanced clinical workflow, automatic billing and charge capture.

MUSE currently has more than 925 individual interfaces to HIS/EMR vendors, including:

  • CernerTM
  • Centricity Cardiology Data Management System
  • eGate
  • latric Systems
  • KeaneTM
  • McKessonTM
  • Orion Health
  • Siemens SoarianTM
  • CloverleafTM
  • EclipsysTM
  • EpicTM
  • Centricity Enterprise (formerly IDX Carecast)
  • Siemens INVISIONTM
  • TenetTM
  • VA Vista Imaging