Veterinary Ultrasound Probes

AME is proud to supply ultrasound probes specifically designed for veterinary applications. Veterinarians require specialized probes, especially for smaller animals, that have a higher frequency range. Dogs, cats, and other pets tend to be smaller, and require a more shallow ultrasound penetration, and a smaller array for the transducers. Many vet probes, therefore, have a micro-convex array, or a shorter linear array lens. With many years of experience working closely with veterinarians, AME’s employees know the proper transducers for your needs!

Our in-house technicians and ultrasound experts have over a decade of experience working with veterinary ultrasound probes from some of the top companies, including but not limited to GE, Sonosite, Edan, and Mindray.

AME  sells, repairs and refurbishes individual probes and transducers. Whether it be the most advanced 3D/4D transducer, or a probe for your system from the early 2000’s, AME has you covered. All our probes and systems are guaranteed to operate to OEM factory standards, and often will provide photos and videos of the specific system that you, our valued customer, prior to purchase. 

Each of our products come with a standard 90 day parts and labor warranty for domestic customers, while our international clients are offered a 60 day warranty. Extended warranties are available for purchase. For any additional questions or concerns regarding our systems, our probes, or any other equipment - feel free to contact us!