About the Author: Ephraim Herschmann

Education and Experience:

Ephraim Herschmann is a proud graduate of SUNY Binghamton with a degree in Creative Writing, and Literature. Having spent years writing about a wide array of industries and fields including finance, sports, philosophy, medical equipment and education, Herschmann has dedicated the last three years to learning about and writing about used and refurbished ultrasound machines and probes / transducers. With experience in sales, customer relations, employee relations, management and marketing, Herschmann has familiarized himself with the used medical equipment industry in nearly every facet possible.

In late 2017, Herschmann embarked on a journey with a close friend, Solomon Luzato, to create an efficient, user-friendly website specializing in ultrasound machines and probes / transducers. Working together 6 days a week, for several months, Herschmann and Luzato finally developed a website from scratch containing nearly every ultrasound machine and probe available on the market, along with multiple blog series’ discussing how ultrasounds work, various ultrasound modes, the history of ultrasounds, and more.

Ephraim Herschmann

Solomon Luzato

Ephraim Herschmann Above, Solomon Luzato Below

Herschmann’s goal has been, and remains to this day, to help diagnosticians and doctors attain the best used ultrasound machines available. Patients and doctors alike are warmly invited to peruse the pages of blog articles and read in-depth and digestible descriptions of ultrasound machines and probes. He welcomes criticism and advice with open arms, and is always looking to update, improve and refine his content as often as possible.

In his free time, Herschmann enjoys reading, jogging, listening to Bruce Springsteen and James Taylor, and kayaking. He will often spend time listening to old Bruce Springsteen vinyls on his record player while enjoying a good biography, and frequents to Walt Disney World as often as possible.