Frequently Asked Questions

Does A.M.E deliver its equipment?

Of course! We are willing to work out the most convenient delivery method for all of our clients. Whether that means send by freight or hop on a truck ourselves. We will personally tend to all the needs of our valued customers.

What are your exchange and return policies?

Our refurbished equipment is offered at the most competitive pricing possible. These prices are possible, in part, by foregoing the expense of salesmen traveling to customers, and the commissions they are usually paid. Our exchange/return policy, however, is more liberal than that of new equipment, allowing 30 days to try out your new purchase. If you are dissatisfied with your equipment for any reason within those 30 days, we will exchange the equipment or accept its return for a full refund, provided that the unit is returned in the same condition it was received in, tamper stickers have not been removed and the units are returned within the allotted time period.

What factors should I consider when evaluating refurbished equipment?

Always get certification, calibration reports (nearly all machines need to be calibrated periodically), and ask for the history of where the machine came from to determine the life expectancy of the equipment.

What cost savings can I expect if I purchase refurbished medical equipment, as compared to new equipment?

Typically one should expect to pay no more than half of the original sales price of the equipment. More often than not, it is less than half. However, in today’s medical climate in which reimbursements are constantly decreasing, more and more physicians are turning to second hand equipment. With this increase in demand, prices may occasionally be slightly higher than 50% of the original sales price.

What do the terms “refurbished” or reconditioned” equipment mean?

Refurbished or reconditioned equipment has been thoroughly tested and comprehensive preventive maintenance has been performed. We perform a safety test, an electrical safety test, an electrical leakage test, a voltage test, and calibration. We replace worn parts (i.e. ultrasound transducers often need their membranes replaced), and always replace internal and external batteries. All of our refurbished or reconditioned equipment is guaranteed to meet the stringent industry standards the FDA places on medical devices.