Acuson Cypress Portable Ultrasound

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 High Performance Echocardiography

The Cypress system is a highly compact, all digital echocardiography system that provides complete studies and outstanding images - even on the most technically difficult patients. Because today’s clinical environment leaves no room for compromise and no time for repeat studies, the Cypress system offers a full range of capabilities. These include harmonic mode, high frame rate color flow mapping, Doppler, stress echo, digital image management and built-in DICOM connectivity.


The Cypress system allows you to extend the reach of echocardiography throughout your practice. It is so lightweight and portable that it moves readily to all those places where your patients clearly benefit from the diagnostic power of echo- cardiography - from the echo lab to the patient’s bedside, Emergency Room, Critical Care Unit or physician’s office.

The affordability of the Cypress system means that economic constraints don't prevent you from offering state-of-the-art imaging wherever the dictates of quality patient care call for it. 

The Cypress system weighs in at just 19 pounds, with digital storage capacity for over 100 studies and network capabilities to send studies from remote locations, clinicians can perform complete echocardiography studies from almost anywhere. The Cypress system was designed for portability, durability and reliability, and to withstand the rigors of constant transportation. Internal system interconnects are minimized. Key components are shock mounted and the entire system sits inside a robust chassis. From hospital to office or from airplane to mountain village, the Cypress system will perform. 

Breakthroughs in Technology Miniaturization, Acuson system engineers pioneered technology miniaturization such as subsystems designed into software reprogrammable logic chips and high speed full resolution image transfer to the internal hard drive. Furthermore, advanced architectural partitioning allows the Cypress platform to provide large-system performance in a 19-pound portable system, without compromising diagnostic confidence, image quality or functionality.

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