Esaote Biosound MyLab 20 Ultrasound Machine

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The Esaote Biosound MyLab 20 Plus ultrasound system is a stationary, entry level ultrasound unit. A shared service, general imaging system, this unit, like most other Esaote Biosound units, can be upgraded from it’s original settings to become a significantly more powerful system.

Despite being a black and white, basic ultrasound system (pre-upgrade of course), the MyLab 20 Plus is still capable of producing powerful images, and is compatible with the high quality AppleProbes that are employed by the MyLab 40 and MyLab 50 ultrasound systems. With four ultrasound ports, it is easy and convenient for diagnosticians to transfer back and forth between probes and project images of various applications.

Some of the technological features of the MyLab 20 Plus are important to take into consideration when considering this unit. TEI (tissue enhancement imaging), NT (Nuchal Thickness – measuring liquid behind the neck of a fetus), Auto Image Enhancement and TP (similar to compounding imaging) are all available with this system. These tools were engineered to provide the best possible imaging – despite this unit being an economical entry level system.

Once upgraded, this system is also capable of projecting 3D/4D (live 3D) ultrasound images. Most diagnosticians practice 4D imaging for cardiac and OB-GYN applications – something that the MyLab 20 Plus can do quite handily.

Ultrasound Features and Specificities:

  • 2D, M-Mode
  • Color Doppler (option)
  • AppleProbe compatible
  • TEI (Tissue Enhancement Imaging)
  • TP (View Extended Trapezoidal Field of View)
  • X4D real-time 4D imaging
  • NT (Nuchal Thickness) calipers
  • Auto Image Enhancement
  • Integrated CD/DVD
  • USB Export
  • Four active transducer ports

Compatible Ultrasound Probes / Transducers:

  • MyLab CA1123 Curved Array Probe
  • MyLab LA332 Linear Array AppleProbe
  • MyLab LA533 Linear Array Appleprobe
  • MyLab CA541 Curved Array AppleProbe
  • MyLab CA631 Curved Array Probe
  • MyLab CA431 Curved Array Probe
  • MyLab CA430 Curved Array Probe
  • MyLab CA1421 Curved Array Probe
  • MyLab CA123 Curved Array Probe
  • MyLab C5-2 R13 Curved Array Probe
  • MyLab BC431 Curved Array Probe
  • MyLab BE1123 Endocavitary Probe
  • MyLab EC1123 Endocavitary Probe
  • MyLab E8-5 R10 Endocavitary Probe
  • MyLab LA523 Linear Array Probe

For a comprehensive list of MyLab 20 Plus probes / transducers, click HERE**