Esaote Biosound MyLab 25 Gold

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Esaote's Biosound MyLab 25 Gold premier portable ultrasound system of one of Esaote's top portable systems. Extremely advanced ultrasound image enhancing technology meets compact and portable ultrasound and results in a specialized OB-GYN and Vascular ultrasound unit.

Capable of producing advanced 3D/4D (Live 3D) ultrasound images and engineered with a variety of essential image enhancing technologies, the MyLab 25 Gold is adored by engineers, technicians and diagnosticians. Some features include TEI (Tissue Enhancing Imaging) - which is similar to Tissue Harmonic Imaging and VPan for panoramic imaging. It also includes QIMT (Quality Intima Thickness) which identifies early stages of various cardiovascular diseases, along with Calipers for NT (Nuchal Thickness).

Another lovable aspect of the MyLab 25 Gold is it's compatibility with a rolling stand. Although it is deceptively simple, the rolling cart turns a portable system that is utilized in emergency situations (ambulance or emergency room) into a stationary secure system. It can be used in a stationary setting, such as private practices or individual doctor offices. With just a click, this system can go from being portable to stationary and back.

Ultrasound Features and Specificities:

  • 2D/M-Mode/Anatomical M-Mode
  • PW/Color Doppler/Color Power Doppler
  • TEI Tissue Enhanced Imaging
  • 15" LCD screen
  • VPan Extended Panoramic Imaging
  • Two active probe ports
  • TVM Tissue Velocity Mapping
  • QIMT Quality Intima Thickness for early detection of cardiovascular diseases (with advanced vascular package)
  • Calipers for Nuchal Thickness (Nuchal Translucency)
  • Cine ultrasound image review
  • X4D real-time 3D/4D volumetric OB/GYN imaging

Compatible Ultrasound Probes / Transducers:

    • MyLab CA631 Curved Array Probe
    • MyLab CA541 Curved Array AppleProbe
    • MyLab CA431 Curved Array Probe
    • MyLab CA430 Curved Array Probe
    • MyLab CA1421 Curved Array Probe
    • MyLab CA123 Curved Array Probe
    • MyLab C5-2 R13 Curved Array Probe
    • MyLab BC431 Curved Array Probe
    • MyLab BL433 Linear Array AppleProbe
    • MyLab LA332 Linear Array AppleProbe
    • MyLab LA435 Linear Array Probe
    • MyLab PA240 Phased Array Probe
    • MyLab PA121 Phased Array Probe
    • MyLab BE1123 Endocavitary Probe
    • MyLab EC1123 Endocavitary Probe
    • MyLab IOE323 Hockey Stick Intraoperative Probe
    • MyLab TEE132 TEE Probe
    • MyLab Pencil CW 2 Non Imaging Pencil Probe

***For a comprehensive list of MyLab 25 Gold probes click HERE**