GE Corometrics 259 CX Maternal / Fetal Patient Monitor

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AME is proud to present to you the GE Corometrics 259cx maternal / fetal patient monitor. The Corometrics 250cx Series system is a full antepartum/intrapartum fetal monitor that includes innovative features that helps you deliver a high quality birthing experience and enhanced patient care. It monitors uterine and fetal activity including fetal heart rate, and has enhanced maternal monitoring features including temperature, oxygen saturation, ECG and non-invasive blood pressure.

Other Corometrics 259cx features include:

  • GE-exclusive Smart BP* delays blood pressure measurement during contractions to reduce patient distraction and provide more meaningful diagnostic data.
  • Optimal Display Lighting  
    • ChartLight with backlit keys and a dimmable display helps you work comfortably while your patients remain relaxed in a low-light environment.
  • Allows for exceptional pick-up and minimal repositioning
    • Watertight transducers have 9-crystal ultrasound technology that allows for easier pick-up and less repositioning, even for difficult to monitor patients. The 9-crystal design achieves a wider focal region for more uniform coverage at greater depths than traditional 7-crystals.
  • Minimizes monitor interactions
    • Since  a majority of your monitor interactions can be done using our one-touch hot keys, you’ll spend less time with the monitor and more time with patients. 

AME is proud to offer in-house service and technical assistance, and has a wide variety of other patient monitors and medical equipment for sale. For any additional questions or concerns regarding this monitor or any other system, please do not hesitate to contact us!