GE Critikon Dinamap Pro 1000 Patient Monitor

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The Dinamap Pro 1000 provides accurate and reliable vital signs readings. It is a comprehensive system with three-lead ECG and respirations. It is flexible for use throughout hospitals, and is portable for transport wherever you need it.

The user-friendly Dinamap Pro 1000 features an intuitive menu structure. Its configurable features such as spot SpO2 improve productivity and minimize training time.

The Dinamap Pro 1000 patient monitor gives you core vital signs with 3-lead ECG and respirations in one simple yet comprehensive system. And you can trust this monitor is built with only the gold standard technology for more accurate and reliable readings.

The Dinamap Pro 1000 also offers Dinamap ASAP non-invasive blood pressure and pulse rate using technology that's been clinically-proven to be more accurate than competitive models, especially in hypertensive and hypotensive patients. IVAC® TurboTemp™ takes accurate temperature in about 7 seconds. 

This unit includes all accessories, including printer, cuffs, SP02 cable, and power chord. For any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.