GE Logiq E NextGen Portable Ultrasound Machine

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The GE Logiq E NextGen Portable ultrasound machine is proudly presented to you by AME Ultrasounds. The Logiq E NextGen is one of the most popular and advanced portable ultrasound system available on the market. Replacing the original GE Logiq E, the NextGen includes more modern BT (BreakThrough) technologies, features and ultrasound probes and transducers. 

Some of the new ultrasound probes and transducers that are available exclusively for the Logiq E NextGen (as opposed to regular Logiq E's), include the C1-5-RS abdominal transducer, the L10-22-RS high frequency linear array transducer, and the 6Tc-RS TEE (transesophageal) transducer, to name a few. These new and technologically advanced probe are clear indicator as to the strides in technological advances GE has been making with the Logiq E NextGen. 

Like the other portable GE ultrasound units, the Logiq E NextGen is compatible with a GE manufactured rolling cart. This rolling cart is designed specifically for the NextGen, and contains AC Power and additional probe ports to connect to your ultrasound machine (it ordinarily only has one probe port). 


Purchase of this system includes a one year parts and labor warranty. 


• Automatic Optimization
• CrossXBeam
• Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD)
• Virtual Convex/Virtual Apex
• Fine Angle Steer
• HD Zoom (Write Zoom)
• Code Harmonic Imaging (CHI)
• Raw Data Processing
• Quicksave
• On-board User Manual (Help)
• InSite EXC capability
• Loop storage – from live scanning and from memory
• Patient Information Database
• Customizable User Interface
• Full M&A Calculation Package with Real Time Auto Doppler Calculations

Compatible Ultrasound Probes:

  • GE C1-5-RS curved array probe
  • GE 4C-RS curved array probe
  • EC8C-RS vaginal probe
  • 8C-RS micro-convex array probe
  • 9L-RS linear array probe
  • 12L-RS linear array probe
  • L4-12t-RS linear array probe
  • L8-18i-RS hockey stick probe
  • L10-22-RS linear array probe
  • 3Sc-RS sector array probe
  • 6S-RS sector array probe
  • 6Tc-RS TEE probe
  • P2D CW blind probe