GE Logiq E Portable Ultrasound System BT'10/11

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The GE Logiq e ultrasound is perhaps one of the most widely used and well-known portable ultrasounds on the market today. Designed as a mid-range, laptop-sized device, the GE Logiq e balances features and price for its shared-service capabilities for OB/GYN, abdominal, GI, point-of-care, and cardiovascular applications - something that the GE Logiq ultrasound series (which includes both stationary and portable ultrasounds) is very well known for.

Some of the main benefits of the GE Logiq e ultrasound include a range of customization capabilities to speed workflow and meet your exact needs, portable ultrasound technology that doesn’t compromise on image quality, true Shared Services capabilities with a stress echo option and is an excellent ultrasound machine for musculoskeletal, orthopedic, vascular, venous, and needle guided injections. This popular system is also well known for it's ultrasound modes - including M-Mode, B-Mode, both color and power doppler. It also utilizes DICOM, and is capable of image enhancing technologies such as Speckle Reduction Imaging and CrossXBeam compound imaging.

There are a few key reasons as to why the GE Logiq e has remained as a popular ultrasound machine, including its price, its ability to perform, and its wide range of capabilities. In fact, the Logiq e has always been an affordable solution for a quality, feature-laden portable ultrasound machine. For any additional questions or concerns regarding this ultrasound machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

GE Logiq E Features and Specifications: 

  • B-Mode
  • M-Mode
  • Color Doppler
  • Power Doppler
  • PW Doppler
  • CW Doppler
  • Freehand 3D
  • 15″ color LCD monitor
  • Integrated speakers
  • ATO
  • Raw data processing
  • Anatomical M-Mode
  • On-board patient data management
  • ComfortScan
  • SmartScan
  • TruAccess
  • Advanced Image compare
  • Image archiving
  • CINE loop
  • SRI
  • CrossXBeam
  • CW Doppler
  • LogiqView
  • ECG
Compatible Ultrasound Probes / Transducers: 
  • GE 8L-RS Linear Array Probe
  • GE 9L-RS Linear Array Probe
  • GE 12L-RS Linear Array probe
  • GE 3S-RS Sector Array Probe
  • GE 6S-RS Sector Array Probe
  • GE 4C-RS Curved Array Probe
  • GE E8C-RS Endocavitary Probe
  • GE P2D-RS Pencil Probe