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The LOGIQ E9 is a versatile general imaging system that helps meet a wide variety of general imaging needs. As healthcare evolves and ultrasound exams become more in demand, you need the ability to adapt to the changing environment with an ultrasound system that gives you flexibility, ease of use, speed and reliability.

The LOGIQ E9 can help you: 

  • Deliver extraordinary image quality on a broad spectrum of patient body types.
  • Visualize blood flow without the limitations of Doppler Enhance your workflow.
  • Integrate real-time ultrasound with previously acquired CT, MR, PET, or ultrasound images.
  • Visually track your position during a scan.
The LOGIQ E9 features advanced technology that gives you the ability to capture extraordinary images on routine to difficult exams. Innovative system architecture provides the foundation for its extraordinary capabilities.

Agile Acoustic Architecture uses proprietary dynamic models of the human body to help you acquire images on a broad spectrum of patients with minimal system adjustments. LOGIQ E9 helps you: 

  • Acquire images quickly and with less keystrokes.*
  • Obtain image uniformity from the near to far field.
  • Achieve deep penetration even on large patients.
  • Help increase exam efficiency.


There is a clinical challenge in using ultrasound to visualize blood flow and the depiction of the hemodynamic profile without unwanted signals from surrounding tissues. B-Flow*, a GE imaging mode, uses non-Doppler technology to display true hemodynamics and enables direct visualization of blood flow without the limitations of Doppler.


The LOGIQ E9 has features designed to help enhance workflow, mobility, and convenience.

Compare Assistant helps clinicians perform ultrasound exams that involve comparisons to prior ultrasound or other modalities. With this feature, clinicians can view a prior study while conducting the current exam via a split screen on the ultrasound monitor. 

  • Enhance exam preparation
  • Replicate prior views
  • Standardize imaging protocols
  • Interpret with less pre-work, added confidence
Scan Assistant helps reduce keystrokes and performs tasks which can help free you to focus on your patient. 
  • Initiates and auto-completes required measurements
  • Automatically steers Color Doppler
  • Sets up imaging controls and modes
  • Inserts comments
  • Automatically reorders images to your preference, independent of acquisition sequence.
  • A GE-commissioned study performed by an independent third party sonographer revealed a 79% reduction in keystrokes and 54% reduction in exam time.
Breast and Thyroid Productivity Packages help clinicians label, measure, and describe anatomy quickly and with confidence

Compatible Ultrasound Probes and Transducers: 

  • GE 11L-D Linear Array Probe
  • GE 9L-D Linear Array Probe
  • GE 6S-D Sector Array Probe
  • GE M5S-D Sector Array Probe
  • GE M6C-D Curved Array Probe
  • GE IC5-9-D Intracavitary Probe
  • GE RIC5-9-D Endocavitary Probe
  • GE RAB4-8-D 3D/4D Curved Array Probe
  • GE RAB6-4-D 3D/4D Curved Array Probe
  • GE P2D Pencil Probe


That depends. When purchasing ultrasounds from A.M.E. Ultrasounds (or Absolute Medical Equipment), you can opt to either purchase an individual probe, individual ultrasound system, or a package. It all depends upon your needs. Generally speaking, however, most diagnosticians wish to purchase an ultrasound machine that comes with a few probes that are designed specifically for that system, due to the fact that not every ultrasound probe is compatible with every ultrasound machine.

GE manufactures many ultrasound machines and many ultrasound series. Each of these series specialize in a particular ultrasound application. The Vivid series, for example, specializes in vascular application images, whereas the Logiq series is designed for "General Imaging" and are considered reliable for an assortment of applications.

That being said, the GE Vivid E9 is designed to be geared towards cardio-vascular applications, whereas the Logiq E9 can be employed for at least a dozen various applications.

Unfortunately, not. While that would be rather convenient, GE manufactures many ultrasound probes that are compatible with different ultrasound machines. Some are designed specifically for portable ultrasound machines, some for the newer models and some older probes are specifically designed for older or lower-tier GE ultrasound machines.

The GE probes that are compatible with the Logiq E9 are those that end with "d", such as the 4C-D or the IC5-9-D

In terms of ultrasound applications, this system is a shared service machine. Similar popular options include the Philips HD15, the Mindray DC 8, and Acuson Sequoia 512 ultrasound systems.

Other GE systems that are similar in quality, the Vivid E9, the Logiq S8, and the Voluson E8 are excellent ultrasound machines that specialize in different applications, but are similar in class and tier.