GE Logiq P5 Ultrasound System

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The GE Logiq P5 is an economical shared service ultrasound machine that is unique in it’s price range by offering deep support for all applications from Cardiac to Pediatric, from 4D Obstetrics to Surgical or Elastography with an astounding 29 compatible transducers spread across every possible application.

If it can be done with ultrasound, the Logiq P5 can do it. The GE Logiq P5 is compact and has many premium features and ergonomic details that are typically only available on midrange units costing more. Because the Logiq P5 has been in production so long and has been so popular there are large quantities of replacement parts and transducers available on the market. This will make maintenance and support inexpensive and easily available for many years to come, far beyond all other economy priced ultrasound machines.

The P5 is ideal for OB/GYN, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, small parts, abdominal and other general imaging needs. It also features solid 4D OB/GYN imaging for practices seeking to offer 4D ultrasound to their patients. For any additional questions or concerns regarding the P5 or any other ultrasound system, please feel free to contact us.

Ultrasound Features and Specificities:

  • 15″ LCD monitor on articulating arm
  • Full size keyboard with user-defined keys
  • Automatic Optimization (AO)
  • Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI)
  • 3D/4D Imaging
  • TruScan Architecture
  • TruAccess raw data processing
  • SmartScan
  • ComfortScan
  • 3 Active Probe Ports
  • Integrated HDD &  DVD-R/W
  • On-board peripheral storage
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Compatible Ultrasound Probes / Transducers

  • GE 3.5C Curved Array Probe
  • GE 4C Curved Array Probe
  • GE 5C Curved Array Probe
  • GE 8C Curved Array Probe
  • GE E8C Endocavitary Probe
  • GE 9L Linear Array Probe
  • GE 10L Linear Array Probe
  • GE 12L Linear Array Probe
  • GE 3S Sector Array Probe
  • GE 5S Sector Array Probe
  • GE 7S Sector Array Probe
  • GE 4D3C Curved Array 4D Probe




Included in the Logiq P series is the Logiq P5, Logiq P6, Logiq P7 and Logiq P9 ultrasound systems. The Logiq P5 is the most economical in the series and considered an entry level ultrasound machine.


Great question! The GE Logiq P5 is part of the GE Logiq series - the series that specializes in general medicine. This unit is versatile in it's potential ultrasound application capabilities, and is therefore considered a "shared service" system.


Elastography imaging is examining tissue for tumors, cysts or any other potential damage or growth.


The Logiq P5 is compatible with about a dozen ultrasound probes / transducers. See the details in the description for the full list, and click on any probe to examine it