GE Vivid i Portable Ultrasound Machine

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GE Healthcare's new Vivid i is the world's first miniaturized cardiovascular ultrasound system to provide high-performance, full-featured imaging in a lightweight design. Vivid i address one of the biggest challenges in cardiovascular care - access to complete, real-time diagnostic information. The new system expands the reach of echocardiography by offering all the functionality and high performance of full-featured premium scale systems - but in a completely portable and wireless design that weighs 30 times less.

As part of the GE Vivid ultrasound series, the Vivid i specializes in cardiovascular application imaging, but is also capable of providing premium quality imaging for other General Images (including Abdominal, Breast, OB-GYN and Transcranial applications). Compatible with many advanced and cutting edge ultrasound probes and transducers, including the 6T-RS TEE probe and 10S-RS Sector array probe, the Vivid i is well known for being versatile in application and probe compatibility.

The GE Vivid i has potential to be used in a wide variety of scenarios: As a compact and lightweight ultrasound system, the Vivid i can be employed in ambulances, emergency rooms, and any other scenario that would require one to project ultrasound images on the move. The Vivid i is also compatible with an ultrasound cart / stand, transforming the portable unit into a more stationary and secure system easily utilized in private practices, doctors offices, and hospitals. For any additional questions or concerns regarding this ultrasound machine or any other system please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Phased-array transducer technology for 2D, color and Doppler imaging.
  • Multiple focal zones help optimize image quality.
  • Extremely high frame rates, enhanced color flow and color angio
  • 5 levels of Coded Octave Harmonics
  • LVO contrast option
  • Triplex and duplex display capabilities
  • Full DICOM Connectivity
  • SmartStress
  • Coded Phase Inversion (CPI)
  • Automatic Spectrum Optimization (ASO)
  • Harmonics
  • Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI)
  • Tissue Tracking (TT)
  • Live Anatomical M-Mode
Compatible Ultrasound Probes and Transducer