GE Vivid S70 Ultrasound System

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The GE Vivid S70 is full featured high end cardiovacular ultrasound machine with advanced architecture, cSound, outstanding image quality, and complete set of cardiac features including the 4D TTE option.The GE Vivid S70 improve its ergonomics and intuitiveness via offering a 19″ wide HD LCD display and 12″ wide multi-touch LCD screen. The GE S70’s compact size and light weight, combined with battery backup for standby, enables easy transportation and promotes scanning at the patient site.

The GE Vivid S70 delivers outstanding imaging performance along with up-to-dated XDClear probe series, and extends the clinical application for interventional cardiac procedures with the unique 4D TTE option in high end grade. The GE Vivid S70, as part of the GE Vivid ultrasound series, is designed primarily for cardiovascular applications, but it also supports adult cardiac, stress echo, abdominal, peripheral vascular, fetal heart, pediatrics, neonatal cephalic, adult cephalic, small parts, musculoskeletal, urology, OB/GYN, coronary, LVO contrast, and nerves. It is one of the first GE ultrasounds to use its cSound beamforming technology.

Providing both 2D and 4D imaging in standard and TEE echo, the used S70 ultrasound machine features outstanding image quality at the price of a mid-upper range ultrasound machine. A step above the GE Vivid S5 ultrasound system, but containing many of the same technological and ergonomic features and more, the Vivid S70 is one of the top CardioVascular systems that GE has to offer. For any additional questions or concerns regarding this particular ultrasound machine or any others, please feel free to contact us!

Vivid S70 System Specificities: 

  • Small Footprint
  • Adjustable control panel and monitor
  • 19" LED monitor with articulating arm
  • 12.1" Touchscreen
  • Automated LV and MV quantification
  • Matrix Array Transducers
  • B-Flow
  • 4D TEE
  • AFI Automated Function Imaging
  • Auto EF
  • Auto LVQ
  • 4D TEE
  • Triplane imaging
  • FlexiSlice
  • SmartStress
Compatible Ultrasound Probes / Transducers: