Hologic Discovery W Bone Densitometer

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We are proud to present to you the Hologic Discovery W bone density machine. The Hologic Discovery W is capable of express BMD 10 Second Spine and Hip acquisition; Express Exam Productivity Tools; Better than 1.0 % in vivo precision; L1-L4 Standard Spine Analysis ; Five Region Proximal Femur Analysis (Total Femur, Femoral Neck; Inter-Trochanteric,Trochanteric, Wards Triangle); AcuView automated Dual Femur; Instant Vertebral Assessment High Definition (IVA HD) with Image Pro; 15 second single energy acquisition with decubitus or supine patient positioning.


A.M.E. has multiple bone densitometer technicians and engineers in-house, capable of delivering, installing, calibrating and training your staff! Additional services include PM (preventative maintenance), crating and delivery to countries outside of the Continental USA!