HP Sonos 7500 3D Ultrasound Machine

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The refurbished Philips 7500 replaced the very popular HP/Philips Sonos 5500 cardiovascular ultrasound machine. The HP Sonos 7500 adds a Live3D function to the platform, but is essentially the same in form and function as its predecessor, the Philips Sonos 5500. Live 3D is expanding the clinical utility of echo by taking echo to places it’s never been before – into surgical planning, the EP lab and beyond. No wonder leading clinicians predict it will change the practice of echo forever. Live 3D Echo enables you to quickly and easily visualize complex cardiac anatomy previously concealed during routine echo exams and has the potential to provide 

Most well known for it's cardio-vascular applications, the Sonos 7500 is also capable of producing General Images.

Includes the following transducers: