Medison Sonoace PICO Portable Ultrasound Machine

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Spectral, Wave Doppler and Freehand 3D

In about the size of a regular business briefcase and enhanced with myriad of innovative technical features, this new system delivers superior image quality which are on par with images obtained from higher end systems. Highlights of SONOACE PICO features digital beamforming and tissue harmonic imaging technologies also included are Spectral, Color & Pulse Wave Doppler and Freehand 3D for optimal 2D and 3D images. The PICO is part of the Samsung Medison ultrasound family - which practically guarantees quality ultrasound images.

Based on the Linux OS system and networking (LAN) enabled, if needed, the system maintenance and upgrades can all be performed through remote service via an Internet connection. SONOACE PICO also comes installed with Medison's patented SonoView  Lite image management software for easy and intuitive image filing and management. Another convenient component of SONOACE PICO is the USB port connection; with which the user is able to connect either an external MO or a CD/RW drives to the system for increased storage capacity in addition to the already installed high capacity hard drive.

Main Features

Real time 64-channel imaging
Full digital signal processing
Synthetic aperture control
2D / M Mode / color and color power Doppler / pulsed wave and spectral Doppler
Cine for 128 frames and Loop Review for 2048 M mode lines
Tissue Harmonic imaging
Trapezoidal imaging
Dual Probe Connector is available next to 1 Active probe port
1 Active probe port
10.4" Color TFT LCD, non-interlaced type
Integrated 3D Image package / Magicut Technology
DICOM 3.0 compatible image filing : SonoView Lite
40GB Hard Disk Drive
User accessible magnetic optical(MO) and CD R/W drive (to be update)
Peripheral output device package
Comprehensive Measurement packages
Language support : English, German, Spanish, Italian, French

Compatible Ultrasound Probes and Transducers: 

  • HC2-5ED-N Curved Array Probe
  • C2-5EN Curved Array Probe
  • C3-CED-N Curved Array Probe
  • EC4-9/10ED-N Endocavitary Probe
  • EC4-9ES-N Endocavitary Probe
  • C4-9/10ED-N Curved Array Probe
  • L5-9EC-N Linear Array Probe
  • HL5-9ED-N Linear Array Probe
  • HL5-12ED-N Linear Array Probe