Mindray DC-7 3D/4D Ultrasound Machine

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Mindray introduces the shining color Doppler ultrasound DC-7, demonstrating the commitment to deliver value added products and solutions. DC-7 is highly configurable, from dedicated use in a single department, or as a general purpose system for more complete hospital and point-of-care support. It also succeeds to push the boundaries of image quality, ergonomic design and simplified work-flow to address more and more challenges, such as, aging population, restricted budgets and a shortage of qualified personnel and so on.

The Mindray M7 Features:

  • 4D imaging: real time, more details
  • Contrast Imaging: enhance pathology structures
  • iClear : speckle noise reduction.
  • iScape view: wide field of view imaging
  • iZoom: full screen image display to offer more visibility.
  • Phase inversion tissue harmonic imaging
  • Touch screen: Multi-language input and user definable selections and layout
  • High resolution LCD monitor

Radiological Application: 

The DC-7 provides the versatility and premium image quality needed across a wide range of patients and exam types from deep abdominal to superficial small parts.

With streamlined workflow, DC-7 makes your scanning comfortable and productive. Other imaging technologies include iClear : speckle reduction technology improves contrast resolution without compromising spatial resolution, and iBeam: reduces random noise and enhances border differentiation. Finally, frequency compounding imaging which achieves the excellent balance between spatial resolution and penetration at depth

Other clinical applications include Contrast imaging: enhances visualization of pathological structures, iScape view: provides extended field of view with real-time alignment, IMT: automatically calculates and analyzes the carotid intima-media thickness, Fifty specific exam modes, more than twenty probes and a rich series of biopsy devices, including both disposable and reusable needle-guided brackets

Streamlined workflow includes, fast system response: keeps you focus on images and patients, four active probe ports - which saves probe switch time between any different exams and DICOM3.0 (Storage, Print, DIR, Worklist, MPPS, HIS,RIS )

OB-GYN and Women's Care Applications:

The DC-7 opens the door for unique concerns of women health and fetal care. With value added performance, DC-7 can meet the challengesfrom routine OB/GYN exams to further research studies,paving the way for the new experience of expertise.

Other new applications include 3D/4D imaging: offers you the greatest flexibility to fully view, and better analyzes the VOI with enhanced diagnostic accuracy, along with a new transvaginal probe: larger view of angle and better ergonomic design you


What is the iBeam option on the DC-7?

Great question! The iBeam option is Mindray's version of compound imaging. Compounding Imaging, simply put, is applying an ultrasound transducer and it’s beam to swiftly and instantly capture several ultrasound images from various angles. The ultrasound system then pieces the images together to create a multi-angle image.

What is iClear?

iClear, like iBeam, is Mindray's name for speckle reduction imaging. Speckle Reduction Imaging works by changing the frequency of the sound into different beams (as opposed to one stronger blast). This lowers the speckle that echoes back to the image, for the larger the beam, the more speckle. Another method includes lowering the beam’s power entirely – sacrificing slight image resolution but also preventing more speckle damage from perverting the image.

What are T3 Probes?

T3 Probes are advanced ultrasound transducers that employ single crystal technology. They provide better penetration at higher frequencies, which increases overall image resolution.

No, it's not, but people tend to think so because of it's ability to project 3D/4D OB-GYN images. The DC-7 is, in fact, a shared service system, and can be used to diagnose a wide variety of organs, veins, and internal structures.