Mindray DP-6600 Portable Ultrasound Machine

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With innovative technologies and optimized design, Mindray's Portable Ultrasound DP-6600 brings high quality digital diagnostic imaging to wherever you want.  Excellent imaging performance and reliable diagnosis make clinical examinations easier and more affordable. Specializing in women's health applications, including OB-GYN, Urinary and Abdominal imaging, as well as Pediatrics, Musculoskeletal and Small Parts (usually referring to Thyroid or Breast applications), the DP-6600 is versatile and extremely user-friendly.

Engineered with some magnificent image enhancing ultrasound technology, including but not limited to DBF (digital beam forming), MTF (Multi-Zone Transmitting Focusing), DRF (Dynamic Receiving Focusing), and RDA (Real-Time Dynamic Aperture), the DP-6600 practically guarantees positive results. Mindray, more well known for their stationary ultrasound systems, managed to succeeded in producing a powerful and reliable portable ultrasound just as capable as stationary systems. For any additional questions or concerns about this ultrasound machine or any other system out there, feel free to contact us


  • Hand-held Portability

  • Multi-frequency Transducers

  • Dual Transducer Ports

  • 10 MHz microanatomy imaging

  • 128-frame Cine Loop

  • 16-frame image storage

  • 10 inch Non-interlaced Monitor

  • USB 2.0 and DICOM 3.0

  • Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Urology, Vascular, Small Parts, IVF


  • Digital Beam Forming (DBF)

  • Multi-Zone Transmitting Focusing (MTF)

  • Dynamic Receiving Fucusing (DRF)

  • Dynamic Frequency Scan (DFS)

  • Real-Time Dynamic Aperture (RDA)

  • Dynamic Receiving Apodization (DRA)

Compatible Ultrasound Transducers / Probes 
  • 75L38EA Linear Array Transducer
  • 75L60EA Linear Array Transducer
  • 65EC10EA Endocavitary Transducer
  • 35C20EA Curved Array Transducer
  • 65C15EA Curved Array Transducer