Mindray M5 Portable Ultrasound Machine

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We are proud to present to you the Mindray M5 portable ultrasound machine. This system, lightweight, compact, versatile and extremely user-friendly, is among the most popular Mindray portable ultrasound machines. Compatible with a rolling cart - and easy to use in a wide variety of settings - this system is capable of going from a portable, laptop, table-top system to a more secure stationary system.

The Mindray M5 is a shared-service ultrasound machine, capable of producing images for a variety of applications and patients. Some of these applications include, but are not limited to abdominal, OB-GYN, vascular, cardiac, musculoskeletal, small parts and urological applications. This diversity makes the M5 extremely popular amongst general diagnosticians and sonographers, and just begins to show how advanced the technology within it truly is.

Other crucial features include the image enhancing technology that the M5 is capable of implementing. Doppler (Color Doppler, Power Wave Doppler), M-Mode, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Compound Imaging, Speckle Reduction Imaging, Panoramic and DiCOM are just some of the integral features that the M5 is engineered with. These technologies help provide doctor and sonographers with the highest quality images to best diagnose their patients - pediatric patients, adult patients, or fetal and neonatal patients.

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Mindray M5 Features and Specificities:

  • Doppler (Power, Color)
  • M-Mode
  • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
  • Compound Imaging
  • SRI (Speckle Reduction Imaging)
  • Panoramic Imaging
  • Rolling Cart
  • One Probe Port

Compatible Ultrasound Probes / Transducers: