Mindray M6 Portable Ultrasound Machine

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We are proud to present to you the Mindray M6 portable ultrasound system. This unit proceeds the Mindray M5, and has been developed to respond to several fallbacks that the M5 had. 

Mostly importantly, the standard M6 now has CW available, something that many M5's, and even M7 units did not include. This option was incredibly expensive, often costing an extra $2500 to install. Now, with the M6, such concerns are put aside.

The M6 is available from AME both new (with a 5 year factory warranty!) and refurbished. This unit is best known for its spectacular vascular, abdominal, cardiac and general imaging power.


Ultrasound Specifications: 

  • i-Clear 
  • i-Beam 
  • Multi-Beam Imaging Formation
  • HR Flow (for vascular imaging)
  • UWN Constrast Imaging 
  • i-Needle (for guided injections)
  • i-Touch
  • IMT (intima-media thickness, for carotid)


Compatible Ultrasound Probes / Transducers

  •  C11-3s Curved Array Ultrasound Probe Transducer 
  • 3C5s Curved Array Ultrasound Probe Transducer
  • 7L4s Linear Array Ultrasound Probe Transducer
  • L14-6Ns Linear Array Ultrasound Probe Transducer
  • L14-6s Linear Array Ultrasound Probe Transducer