Mindray TE7 Portable Ultrasound System

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Mindray's TE7 portable ultrasound system is a tablet shaped ultrasound system. Attached to an ultrasound cart, Mindray managed to create an ultrasound system that has all the pro's to owning a portable touchscreen ultrasound system (similar to the GE Venue 40, or the Philips InnoSight systems). Included in the benefits of having a touch screen ultrasound tablet includes extremely quick start up time, user friendly menu and option guide, and a screen that reacts to gloves and gel (to make diagnosticians' lives easier).

On the other hand, the stationary aspect of the TE7 - which includes a portable rolling cart with wheels that lock for stability and safety, makes the TE7 more reliable and secure in office settings. It is engineered to be lightweight and easy to transport, and is especially handy in emergency situations.

Mindray engineered the TE7 to be compact and lightweight, but powerful and technologically advanced nonetheless. Armed with iBeam Compounding Imaging, iClear Speckle Reduction and iNeedle Optimal Needle Visualization, this system provides phenomenal image quality.

Mindray designed this system to be extremely versatile. Not just in regards to having many options for ultrasound image applications, but in ultrasound probe compatibility. Working with many of the same transducers as the Mindray M9, it is convenient, economical and simple to rotate between these two systems (or even replace one with the other). Some ultrasound applications include, but aren't limited to; peripheral vascular, OB-GYN (obstetrics and gynecology), abdominal and musculoskeletal imaging.

Ultrasound Features and Specificities:  

Compatible Ultrasound Probes / Transducers: