Mindray V21 Patient Monitor

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We are proud to present the Mindray V21 patient monitor. The V Series patient monitor is medical equipment representing the result of research focused on identifying the unique challenges of critical care and other high acuity environments. This device is tested and proven in a true environment by the end users who understand the complexities and workflows of a contemporary medical facility.

Mindray V21 addresses the need for more effective care without information overload and unnecessary alarms, simply focusing on the most important information. An advanced monitoring system, it provides a unique blend of familiar parameters and a sustainable platform enabling the future expandability benefiting 21st century healthcare institutions.

This patient monitoring system has the flexibility and adaptability for clinicians’ changing environments and gives users an advanced device employable anywhere in their facility. The system also provides immediate connectivity through its thread safe VAccess application, bringing the user in touch with patient data streams including electronic medical records at a single location, without compromising the patient.

This system includes all accessories; including printer, cuffs, power chord, and cables. For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.