Mortara ELI 380 EKG ECG Monitor

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AME is proud to present to you the Mortara ELI 380 EKG ECG monitor. This system is one of Mortara's most advanced EKG monitors, featuring: 

  • Streamlined barcode workflow eliminates steps and reduces manual entry
  • Glass surfaces on capacitive touch keyboard and ERGO display simplify cleaning
  • Follows ACC, AHA and HRS recommendations for baseline filtering (0.05 Hz)
  • Exceed ACC, AHA and HRS upper frequency cutoff (300 Hz) for adults and children
  • SECUR-it feature promotes safeguarding of patient health information (PHI)
  • Mortara Critical Test Results help quickly identify high-risk patients

The ELI 380 also includes, for the first time, a swivel monitor. This swivel permits a diagnostician to navigate the room while always keeping track of the patients heart-rate. For any additional questions or concerns regarding this system, please do not hesitate to contact us.