Philips HD 15 Ultrasound System

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The Philips HD15 is a high-end ultrasound machine for shared service applications with the amazing Purewave single crystal probes. Reliable and high performance for nearly a decade the HD15 is still sought after even after production ended in 2015. The Philips HD15 is the ultrasound system with the clinical performance to effectively handle large patient loads as well as powerful diagnostic capabilities to perform difficult in-depth clinical evaluations.

The HD15 has a full suite of intelligent tools and configurable patient reports. Armed with some of Philips' most advanced image quality enhancing technology, including THI (tissue harmonic imaging), CrossXBeam (Spatial Compounding), SRI (speckle reduction imaging), Triplex Mode (color flow imaging - an enhanced version of Doppler Imaging), and many more crucial applications, the HD 15 is adored and revered by Diagnosticians until today.

Designed and engineered specifically for Cardio-Vascular applications, the HD 15 is so powerful that it still projects General Imaging and Small Parts imaging clearly and precisely. Including in these applications are Abdominal, Anesthesia, Musculoskeletal, Breast, Superficial and Transcranial imaging projections. Compatible with a wide array of ultrasound probes and transducers, particularly with popular Philips probes that are compatible with many of Philips Ultrasound Systems - the HD 15 is engineered to be both convenient and versatile. For any additional questions or concerns regarding this ultrasound machine or any other system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Philips HD15 Features and Specifications: 

  • New high resolution A/D technology
  • 4 times Parallel Processing
  • Microfine EX focusing
  • SonoCT real-time compound imaging
  • Advanced XRES adaptive image processing
  • PureWave crystal technology
  • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
  • CrossXBeam (Spatial Compounding)
  • SRI (Speckle Reduction Imaging)
  • Triplex Mode (Color flow imaging)


Compatible Ultrasound Probes / Transducers: 





Great questions! The HD15 is the most advanced and premier ultrasound machine in the Philips HD ultrasound series. Although both the HD11 and the HD15 specialize in cardio-vascular applications, the HD15 has all the highest end features and technologies that Philips has to offer. Just a few of these technologies include PureWave crystal tech, SonoCT real time imaging, and XRES adaptive image processing. Contact us for more information about this system!


PureWave Crystal Technology refers to specific ultrasound probes and transducers that are more clear, pristine and advanced than other probes. The Philips HD15 is the only ultrasound machine in the HD series that is compatible with PureWave Crystal Probes.


A.M.E. Ultrasounds (or Absolute Medical Equipment) is always interested in purchasing equipment. As a company that has been refurbishing ultrasound probes and machines for the better part of two decades, we're always open to conversation.


The Philips HD15 has three ultrasound probe ports. Utilizing these ports can make life more simple and efficient for you, as you can rotate between uses without having to attach or detach them each time.