Siemens Acuson P10 Handheld Ultrasound

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At 1.6 lbs (.725kg), and the first pocket ultrasound device, the P10 is designed for ease of use with an intuitive PDA-style user interface, ready anywhere, anytime with instant power-up, provides high-quality images (fundamental and harmonic 2D-mode) and contains an industry-standard USB port for information sharing, upgrades

The Acuson P10 ultrasound system is the first pocket portable ultrasound imaging device providing physicians and clinical personnel with earlier, faster and more accurate clinical assessment at the point of care.

This system revolutionizes existing assessment and examination protocols via the extension of the physical exam in cardiology, emergency medicine care and obstetrics.

The Acuson P10 system is the ideal solution when it comes to supporting triage decisions, bedside monitoring, and traditional diagnosis, by providing additional information during the clinical assessment. With its instant power-up capabilities, exceptional image quality and a simplified user interface, the this system is available immediately – anytime, anywhere you need it – helping you to make more informed, more confident decisions.

In cardiology, the Acuson P10 enables you to visualize basic anatomy, function, and effusion as part of an initial patient assessment, routine follow-up, or in pre/post procedure care in the ICU/CCU.

In emergency medicine, this system eliminates the usual delays in assessing free fluid, cardiac activity, and AAA, as well as enabling ultrasound guidance for para/thora-centesis.

In obstetrics, the Acuson P10 system gives physicians and midwives a quick and comprehensive overview on fetal positioning, anatomy, heart beat, fluid levels and placenta location during labor or routine office visits.