Sonoscape A6 Portable Ultrasound Machine

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The Sonoscape A6 portable ultrasound system is an extremely popular and economical ultrasound system. Renown for top quality imaging for applications like OB-GYN and Abdominal in addition to more specific applications - musculoskeletal and thyroid (and other small parts) imaging for example. Other features include excellent B and M-Mode imaging, fully digital beamformer technology, automatic image optimization and Tissue Harmonic Imaging for significantly improving image contrast and resolution.

Due to it's portable nature, this ultrasound system is employed in a variety of settings ranging from an ambulance to a doctor's office for a check up. Compatible with a ultrasound cart, this system can be utilized in a stationary or more secure manner, or in a portable fashion. Other crucial imaging and technological features that the Sonoscape A6 employs is 2D mode, M-mode, THI (tissue harmonics imaging - enhancing image quality and decreasing blemishes in the ultrasound image), and DICOM 3.0 for connectivity.

Technological advances, powerful imaging, and portability aren't the only things that makes the Sonoscape A6 beloved by diagnosticians. The A6's ability to connect with over ten ultrasound probes and transducers emphasizes its versatility and convenience. When diagnosticians are able to connect the same ultrasound transducer or probes with multiple ultrasound systems, it makes upgrading or rotating ultrasound systems effortless, economical and simple. For any additional questions or concerns regarding this particular system or any other ultrasound machines, please feel free to contact us.


Sonoscape A6 Features and Specificities 
  • 12″ LCD Display
  • 2D, M-Mode
  • THI Tissue Harmonics Imaging
  • Dual USB 2.0
  • Internal Flash memory for image and patient data storage
  • PDF Reporting
  • Customizable controls and buttons
  • S-Video and VGA out
  • DICOM 3.0
Compatible Ultrasound Probes / Transducers:  
  • Sonoscape C351 Curved Array Transducer
  • Sonoscape C543 Curved Array Transducer
  • Sonoscape C312 Curved Array Transducer
  • Sonoscape C612 Curved Array Transducer
  • Sonoscape L745 Linear Array Transducer
  • Sonoscape 6V5, Endocavitary Transducer
  • Sonoscape C721 Curved Array Transducer
  • Sonoscape C741 Curved Array Transducer
  • Sonoscape L761V Linear Array Transducer
  • Sonoscape L3 Linear Array Transducer
  • Sonoscape L561V Linear Array Transducer