Sonosite HFL50x Linear Array Probe

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A.M.E Ultrasounds is proud to present to you Sonosite's HFL50x high frequency linear array ultrasound probe transducer. This highly advanced transducer specializes in a variation of ultrasound applications and projects vascular, small parts (breast and thyroid included), musculoskeletal images. With a frequency range of 6 - 15 MHz., this transducer is compatible with some of the top Sonosite portable ultrasound systems. These systems include the M-Turbo, Edge and Edge II ultrasound units. For any additional information regarding this particular ultrasound transducer or any other probe available, please feel free to contact us.

Probe Specificities: 

  • High Frequency
  • Linear Array
  • 6 - 15 MHz. Frequency Range
Imaging Capabilities:  Compatible Ultrasound Systems: