SonoSite MicroMaxx Portable Ultrasound Machine

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One of Sonosite's extremely popular portable ultrasound systems, the Sonosite Micromaxx is comparable in many ways to the popular Sonosite M-Turbo. As a "Shared Service" ultrasound system, this device is adored by diagnosticians for it's versatility, dependability and ability to project images for Abdominal, Cardiac, Breast, OB-GYN, and Vascular ultrasound applications. The M-Turbo was designed to have specialized probes engineered to be exclusively compatible with it (any Sonosite probe ending with "e", like the L38e linear array probe for example).

Consistent, reliable and durable, this device offers some of Sonosite's advanced technological imaging enhancers including 2D, M-Mode, color Doppler, color power Doppler, THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging), pulsed wave Doppler, continuous wave Doppler, and more.  The MicroMaxx’s imaging technologies are engineered to benefit your practice for common applications, such as Cardiac, Abdominal, and OB-GYN, and more specific applications; Transcranial and Small Parts for example. Compatible with ultrasound stands, the Micromaxx can be utilized as a stationary system or a portable system - depending on your demand.

The Sonosite Micromaxx is a well known member of the Sonosite Portable Ultrasound systems, all of which are notable due to their powerful and reliable nature. Other members of this series include the M-Turbo, NanoMaxx, Edge and Edge II, and the Titan.

Sonosite Micromaxx Functions and Specifications:

  • 2D/M-Mode/Directional Color Power Doppler/ Power Doppler
  • 2X Pan/Zoom
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Broadband, multifrequency imaging
  • 128 Imaging channels
  • Cine review
  • OB/GYN/Cardiac/Vascular/MSK calc and preset packages available
  • Mini-Dock available for expanded connectivity options
  • Fully Digital

Compatible Ultrasound Transducers and Probes:




The Sonosite MicroMaxx is compatible specifically with probes that end with "e". For example, the HFL38e high frequency linear array probe. Other probes that are compatible include the Sonosite L38e Linear Array Probe, Sonosite HFL38e Linear Array Probe, Sonosite L25e Linear Array Probe, Sonosite C8e Endocavitary Probe, Sonosite C11e Curved Array Probe, Sonosite C60e Curved Array Probe, and the Sonosite C15e Curved Array Probe.


The MicroMaxx is considered the middle tier ultrasound machine between the Titan and M-Turbo. The Titan is the most basic ultrasound machine of the three, followed by the MicroMaxx which has more image enhancing technology, more versatile application options, and is compatible with high frequency probes. The M-Turbo is the most advanced of these three products and is considered one of Sonosite's most popular and advanced systems until this very day.


Great question. The MicroMaxx can be used for Abdominal, Cardiac, Small Parts (including Breast and Thyroid), General Images, OB-GYN, Vascular and Pediatric application images.


The Micromaxx can be purchased from A.M.E. Ultrasounds as either a package unit, or just the ultrasound machine alone. Most doctors and diagnosticians prefer the more economical package that'll include the rolling cart and a few probes, but the choice is up to you!