Sonosite SII Portable Ultrasound System

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The Sonosite SII ultrasound machine is designed for use in multiple clinical areas, but is especially well suited to Anesthesiology, Vascular Access, and Trauma uses. Regional Anesthesiologists have enthusiastically embraced the Sonosite SII for help visualizing nerves and vascular anatomy while placing regional nerve blocks.

Enhanced image quality and touchscreen controls, combined with nerve exam presets for rapid scanning, make the SII an excellent choice for anesthesiologists who wish to provide the best perioperative pain management. 

The SII is also easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for operating rooms in which infection control is an absolute must. The durable glass screen covers the full face of the SII, and can be disinfected. Touchscreen controls can be simply disabled before cleaning to avoid accidental activation of the machine while disinfecting.

The SII provides the following calculations for cardiac exams: 

  • Ejection fraction
  • Volume measurements
  • Simpson’s rule
  • IVC Collapse Ratio
  • LA/RA Volume
  • TAPSE 

The SII allows you to view ejection fraction and fractional shortening calculations simultaneously.



Compatible Transducers / Probes: