GE Voluson E8 Expert BT09

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GE’s breakthrough technology for this system was the Voluson E8 HD LIVE, a revision with high-resolution4D imaging introduced in 2012 and a standard feature with the Voluson E8 in revision BT12 and newer. The Voluson E8 is the best selling 4D ultrasound machine in the world even though it is more expensive than it’s competitors. The current GE Voluson E8 price range is from approximately $30,000 dollars for the oldest used E8 to $100,000 dollars for a brand new E8. All Voluson ultrasound machines are focused on women’s health applications, especially obstetrics, gynecology, and fertility. Secondary applications include general imaging, adult & pediatric cardiology and Neonatal Cardiology. A premier member of the GE Voluson series, the Voluson E8 is one of the most advanced systems in terms of image quality, imaging technology, and ergonomics. For any additional questions or concerns about this particular system, or any other ultrasound machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

GE Voluson E8 Features and Specificities: 

  • Up to 40 frames per second in 4D mode
  • 2D/3D/4D Imaging
  • “HDlive” advanced 4D ultrasound imaging
  • 67,584 imaging channels
  • M-Mode, M-Color Flow
  • PW/CW Spectral Doppler
  • Color/Power/Tissue Doppler
  • HD Flow
  • B-Flow
  • CrossXBeam
  • SRI II HD Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • Coded Excitation
  • Coded Harmonics
  • Contrast Imaging
Compatible Ultrasound Probes and Transducers: