Zonare Z One Pro Ultrasound Machine

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The refurbished Zonare Z One Pro is a beautiful ultrasound system, capable of shared service imaging, but specializing in vascular, MSK, and small parts imaging (as well as cardiovascular exams). 

The Zonare Z One Pro is manufactured by Zonare, but has been under the Mindray brand since Zonare was purchased by Mindray in 2013. This means that all of Mindray's technology, engineering, supervision, and technical assistance / support has been implemented into this newer unit, providing an additional layer of quality that has been previously unrealized. 

The Z One Pro System’s ergonomic and lightweight design, coupled with an on-board battery, enables clinicians to make a rapid diagnosis anywhere in the department. An optional simplified user interface (with 38% fewer buttons) is also available to cater to a wider base of physicians.


Compatible Probes / Transducers: