Meet the Team: Ari Mendelow

AME Ultrasounds has been expanding - and quickly. With the exciting success of the company in our first few years of its inception, AME has expanded, opening an office in Seattle, Washington in addition to its New York office. Fortunately, with new offices come new employees, and AME is proud to present our newest team member, Ari Mendelow.

Ari Mendelow at work
Mendelow, born in Israel and raised in West Orange, New Jersey, has been a creative, technical, and a passionate worker since his early days of app development and design in high school and college. Upon his graduation from Rutgers University with a bachelors in engineering, Mendelow promptly threw himself into the world of entrepreneurship, his venture Sulis successfully placing 7th in the Hult Prize Competition for Social Entrepreneurship out of over 40,000 international teams. After successfully spending half a year in India, London, Wales and several other countries testing the product with his team, Mendelow worked for one year for Cognizant, one of the largest Consulting / IT firms in the world, before deciding to return to the creative, small business world. His natural creative and passionate disposition, along with his fervent work ethic, made him a perfect match for AME.

Mendelow came on board as Director of Web Development, immediately dedicating his time into creating a brand new website that’ll provide a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and fun experience for customers. Quickly learning about ultrasounds, Mendelow realized that with new offices and employees comes a demand for more products and equipment. Recognizing that he was right, Ephraim Herschmann quickly approved and has been working hand in hand with Mendelow to add patient monitors, bone densitometers and EKG (electrocardiograph) machines to A.M.E.’s repertoire.

Web development and design are not Mendelow’s only passions: Hiking, kayaking, brewery hopping, and traveling are just a few other interests that Mendelow pursues in his free time.

To contact Ari, feel free to reach out to

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